ALP Hitte reflecterende tape (4.5 meter)

  • rol á 4.5 meter
  • Breedte 38.1mm (1.5″)
  • Minimum temperatuur -40 °C
  • Constante directe temperatuur  650 °C
  • Constante stralings temperatuur: 1100 °C
  • Smelt temperatuur: 1650 °C


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Our Aluminised Silica Fabric Heat Barrier Tape with Adhesive Backing is manufactured from high Si02 content (>96%) woven silica fabric with an aluminium mylar finish. Silica fabric has a higher temperature and greater thermal insulating properties. High Silica content fabric offers greater direct and radiant temperature resistance over traditional lower cost, low Silica content ‘fibreglass’ weave.

The Aluminised Silica Fabric Heat Barrier is non-flammable, offers great short-term flame protection, has excellent thermal insulation properties and is perfect for automotive applications to protect against radiant heat. Applications include use on firewalls or floor pans to protect against exhaust pipes, turbochargers, catalytic converters and mufflers to name just a few.



  • Extreme High Heat Resistance
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Flame Retardant
  • High Silica Content Fabric (>96%)
  • Aluminised Cover Reflects 90% of Radiant Heat
  • Easy to apply with Adhesive Backing
  • Supplied in a Roll

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