Walbro Brandstofpomp 525LPH

  • Walbro 525 LPH pump
  • In-tank fitment, replacing the original pump
  • Includes universal mounting kit
  • Specifically designed for E85 (compatible with Unleaded fuel)
  • Ideal for set-ups that exceed 700hp

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The Walbro Motorsport “GST520” lets significantly more fuel flow than usual 255 LPH pumps. It delivers up to 525 l/h and has been specifically designed for SuperEthanol E85, in particular its wiring harness and its specific and secure connections for E85. Allowing easy in-tank installation, in place of the OEM pump for many common vehicles, and of course remains compatible for use with unleaded or E10 fuels.

Particularly quiet and compact, this pump is also innovative with its internal pumping technology which ensures 20% better performance and reliability compared to conventional pumps. The perfect answer for all in-tank installations, for more than 700 hp on vehicles used both on the road or on track.

The GST520 is particularly suitable for high HP applications, on cars such as Nissan 200SX S13, S14 Silvia S15 Skyline R32, R33, R34, Toyota Supra, Celica, Honda, Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza STI and WRX, Nissan 350Z & 370Z BMW M3 and M5, etc. Easily installed in place of the original without modifications – or via simple adjustments for the Subaru STI (displacement of the original fuel filter) and Evo 8 and 9 (cutting of the original bracket).


  • Pump dimensions : diameter from 39 to 50 mm, length 130 mm
  • Nominal flow under 12V : 528 l/h at 2.7 bars, 435 l/h at 3.0 bars, 345 l/h at 5.0 bars (see detailed chart below)
  • Kit contents : Walbro GST520 pump, washable filter, Specific E85 cables / harness, hose and clamps
  • Input diameter : 11 mm
  • Output diameter : 9 mm

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