Walbro Brandstofpomp 255LPH

  • 255 lph Walbro fuel pump
  • Inlet diameter : 11 mm
  • Outlet diameter : 8 mm
  • Voltage : 12 V
  • Maximum pressure : 8.5 bars
  • Maximum flow : 318 liters per hour
  • Flow at 3 bars : 255 liters per hour
  • Flow at 5 bars : 225 liters per hour
  • Length : 120 mm
  • Diameter : 39 mm
  • Weight : 366 g

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When tuning an engine, the original fuel pump is often unsuitable and no longer able to provide enough fuel. The consequences can be disastrous, with the worst case being engine failure from running lean.

Walbro fuel pump kits are the first step towards increasing fuel system function and reliability. Note that by itself, a high flow fuel pump does not increase the power of your vehicle. They are used to replace a tired OE pump or when there’s a need for increased fuel flow, such as applications with increased boost pressure, larger injectors, or other changes. These pumps are capable of providing enough fuel for over 400HP.

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