TAKATA Drift II Snap-on (zwart)

  • Zwart, origineel TAKATA.
  • 2″ shoulder belt with snap-on, 2″ lap belt pull-up (snap-on).
  • 4 point street belt with asm and ECE approval


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Takata Racing cult status for the street! Available in traditional TAKATA Green and also in Black! This belt manufactured in accordance to the European Standard ECE-R 16.04 and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 209. It is a legal seat belt for use in street cars in all US states with mandatory seat belt laws. The belt features a center push button release buckle and our shoulder belt asmTM system to prevent submarining. 2″ shoulder belts and 2″ lap belts with Pull-up adjusters with comfort padding. The lap belt Snap-On attachments brackets are sewn into the lap belts. The shoulder belt attachment brackets can be removed allowing you to wrap the shoulder belts to a harnessbar or rollbar using the 3-bar adjusters provided. The Snap-On version is designed to be attached to eye bolts at the lap belts. (Drift belts should only be used with seats that have a “pass-through” for the shoulder harnesses such as a stock seat with an adjustable up and down headrest or a race type seat with openings for the shoulder belts. Never use this type of belt with a seat that has an integrated head rest that would require the shoulder belts to be routed around the outside of the headrest. The rear passenger seats must not be used while the Drift belt is installed.)

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