Swivel Neck Thermostat Housing (K20)

  • 32mm aansluiting


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Toepasbaar opCivic 3-Door Hatchback 2001-2003 2.0i Type R, Civic 3-Door Hatchback 2003-2005 2.0i Type R, Integra 3-Door 2001-2007 2.0i Type R (JDM), RSX 2002-2006 2.0i Type S


Introducing our brand K20 new swivel neck thermostat housing; it is fully machined from 6062-T6 billet aluminium and is available with either a 32mm or AN16 hose connector. The outlet angle is the same as OEM and is within 10mm offset from the mounting flange face to ensure all OEM and aftermarket hoses fit perfectly. The housing also incorporates an M22 x 1.5 hole for radiator fan switches – perfect for K-Swaps.

Using top of the range metrology grade laser scanning and 3D printing equipment we can ensure the products are designed for perfect operation and fitment. For example, our 3-bolt mounting flange aligns perfectly with the outside profile of the OE plastic mounting face.

Our thermostat housing is the only aftermarket housing you should run on your vehicle, unlike the competition we use the OEM dual plunger thermostat that ensures operation exactly like Honda intended. Other units actually reduce the efficiency of your cooling system by not using a dual plunger thermostat design which is there to gradually reduce and stop flow through the bypass port when things get hot. Also, plain steel is not used anywhere in our housings, this ensures that with our units you will not face orange rust covering all surfaces inside your engine and radiator, further reducing the efficiency of your cooling system.

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