Skunk2 OEM stijl tuimelaar kit H-series

  • Speciale order, informeer naar de levertijd.
  • Complete set van 24 tuimelaars (rockers)
  • Oem stijl tuimelaars

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Toepasbaar opAccord 4 deurs Sedan 1998-2001 2.2i Type R, Accord 4 deurs Sedan 2001-2003 2.2i Type R, Prelude 1992-1997 2.2i VTEC, Prelude 1997-2001 2.2i VTI, Prelude 1997-2001 2.2i VTI-S


It has been 34 years since Honda introduced the venerable H-Series VTEC engine family. Though these engines were designed to be nearly bullet proof, it is common for the rocker arm radius pad (wear surface) to exhibit wear over time. Worn rockers negatively impact camshaft performance and durability. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of Honda Genuine replacement parts purchased from the dealer and being discontinued, most enthusiasts omit replacing the rockers when they should.


The Skunk2 VTEC rocker set provides an affordable replacement for OEM Honda rockers. In addition to being OEM compatible, Skunk2 has also made additional improvements to both the materials and design. Skunk2 incorporates an extended radius wear pad on all three rockers which allows for larger profiles to be used when compared to OEM rockers. Additionally, the Skunk2 radius pad is made from the latest in powdered metallurgy that provides exceptional wear resistance with reduced friction.


When installing cams, always inspect the rockers for wear and replace them if they show signs of wear or grooving.



  • OEM Style VTEC Rocker Arm Design
  • Extended Radius Wear Pads
  • Low-friction High Wear-Resistant Material
  • Direct Replacement
  • Set of 24 Rockers (Individual Rockers Not Sold Separately)

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