Skunk2 bolt-in oil pan baffle K-series

  • Geschikt voor de aluminium caterpan
  • Enkel geschikt voor de EP3 / RSX Type-S oliepomp (de kleinere variant)
  • Must have voor circuit rijders

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Toepasbaar opCivic 3 deurs Hatchback 2001-2003 2.0i Type R, Civic 3 deurs Hatchback 2003-2005 2.0i Type R, Integra 3 deurs 2001-2007 2.0i Type R (JDM), RSX 2002-2006 2.0i Type S


The Skunk2 Racing K-Series Billet Drop-in Oil Pan Baffle is a simple and effective way to prevent oil starvation relating to poor oil control in the oil pan. The Skunk2 baffle is made from anodized CNC machined 6061 aluminum and easily installs onto existing OEM Honda Oil Pans with no modifications required. The baffle is designed to prevent ‘daylighting’ of the oil pump inlet where the pump scavenges air as oil sloshes or climbs up the inside walls of the oil pan during hard cornering, braking, and acceleration. The design of the Skunk2 Racing Oil Pan Baffle effectively boxes in the immediate area surrounding the oil pump inlet, creating a sump within a sump, and features one-way trap doors that allow oil to freely flow into, but not out of, the inner sump area under high G loads. The Skunk2 Racing Oil Pan Baffle is recommended for any enthusiast who drives their K-Powered vehicle hard.


*Direct Drop In Fitment For: Honda K20A/K20A2/K20Z1/K24A



Prevents Oil Starvation When Hard DrivingCost Effective Oil Control SolutionOpen Top Design for Maximum Return Oil FlowOne-Way Trap Doors to Keep Oil in Sump AreaEasy Single-Bolt Installation (No Welding)Anodized CNC Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction

K-Series Engine Compatibility:

The Skunk2 Billet Drop-in Baffle is a direct bolt-in application for the JDM DC5/EP3 K20A Type-R Engine as well as the USDM 02-04 K20A2 and 05-06 K20Z1 Acura RSX Type-S engines.


Any other K-Series engines as long as they are installed with the following compatible parts.


Honda Genuine Part Numbers:

Oil Pan – (11200-PRB-000 or 11200-RAA-A00)
Oil Pump – (15100-PRB-A01) or Similar

*Not Compatible with RRB oil pan
**Not Compatible with any oil pump assemblies with balance shafts

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