Phormula Knock detection KS-4

  • LCD Display Screen
  • Visual and Audible Alerts
  • Bar Graph and Numeric Display
  • Quality Anodised Aluminium Case
  • Compact Design
  • 0-5v Data Output for Datalogging
  • External Trigger
  • Complete Kit – Includes sensor and cables



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The revolutionary Phormula KS-4 is our most advanced knock detection system. Offering all the great functionality of the KS-3 but also a fully configurable 0-5v output and a remote alarm function allows the KS-4 to trigger a remote warning system.


0-5v Analogue Data Out

The KS-4 contains a true 0-5v analogue data output. Data output rates are configurable at up to a blistering 100 samples per second and fully compatible with all Data Logging Software, Engine Dyno’s, Rolling Roads and ECU’s. The 0-5v output can be integrated with an ECU to provide closed loop knock control.


External Trigger

The Phormula KS-4 external trigger function adds further flexibility by allowing you to trigger your own external warning device when knock is detected.

This may be something as simple as an LED warning light or triggering a knock strategy in your ECU.


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