K1 Technologies Drijfstangen 4340 H-Beam (K24)

  • 4x Connecting Rods
  • ARP lubricant
  • Manual
  • 700pk rated


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Toepasbaar opAccord 4 deurs Sedan 2003-2005 2.4i, Accord 4 deurs Sedan 2005-2008 2.4i, Accord Tourer 2003-2005 2.4i, Accord Tourer 2005-2008 2.4i


Billet 4340 Steel H Beam connecting rods. Closely monitored material mechanical properties for optimum performance. Designed and finish honed in the USA. Sizes held to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry, +/- .0001″ and +/- 1 gram per end.
Shot peened for improved fatigue life. Bronze wrist pin bushings. Exclusively using ARP 2000 fasteners.
As a general rule of thumb, we tend to use K1 H Beam Rods on anything that will be making up to 175hp per rod

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