Holset HX40 Super Turbo – 18cm²

  • tot 700pk
  • Manifold flange: T3 divided (Twinscroll)
  • Downpipe flange: 4- bore 66 x 70mm bore distance
  • Exhaust side: 18cm²


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  • Compressor housing intake: 101mm
  • Compressor housing outlet: Vband 52mm x 74mm
  • Compressor wheel inlet: 58mm
  • Compressor wheel outlet: 85 mm
  • Turbine wheel inlet: 76mm
  • Turbine wheel outlet: 64mm

The Holset HX40 series offers a wide range and high performance for multiple applications. The Super 40 can reach up to 700PS with fuel applications and up to 400PS with diesel applications. The adviced engine displacement for fuel is between 1,8l and 3,0l. For diesel engines it is between 5,9l and 7,4l.

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