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Toepasbaar opAccord 2 deurs Coupe 1994-1997 2.0i ES/LS, Accord 2 deurs Coupe 1994-1997 2.2i ES, Accord 4 deurs Sedan 1993-1996 2.0i, Accord 4 deurs Sedan 1993-1996 2.3i, Accord 4 deurs Sedan 1996-1997 1.8i, Accord 4 deurs Sedan 1996-1997 2.2i VTEC, Accord Aerodeck 1994-1997 2.0i, Accord Aerodeck 1994-1997 2.2i, Prelude 1992-1997 2.0i, Prelude 1992-1997 2.2i VTEC, Prelude 1992-1997 2.3i, Shuttle 1995-1998 2.2i


Unlike OE-style gaskets for these engines – including many sold within the aftermarket – the new Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus sump gasket features a rigid, steel-core construction and built in torque limiters that prevent over-compression of the gasket and over-torquing of the sump bolts, even in cases when the flange dimples have been deformed. This new gasket, designed and manufactured in the Fel-Pro Gaskets engineering and manufacturing complex in Skokie, Illinois, uses Fel-Pro’s proprietary molded rubber formulation and precisely located dual sealing beads on each side of the steel core for exceptional sealing performance.

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