Dragonfire verdeler/onsteking (TEC TD-86U)

  • Direct OEM Replacement
  • High Energy Output
  • High RPM Rated for NA or Boosted Applications
  • Performance Grade Bobbins
  • Brass External High-Tension Terminal Connections
  • Insulated Ignition Modules
  • Premium Grade Iron Cores


Meer informatie

Toepasbaar opCivic 5 deurs Hatchback 1997-2001 1.8 VTI, Civic Aerodeck 1998-2001 1.8 VTI, Integra 3 deurs 1994-1997 1.8i GS-R (USDM), Integra 3 deurs 1994-1997 1.8i Type R (JDM 96-spec), Integra 4 deurs 1994-1997 1.8i GS-R (USDM), Integra 4 deurs 1994-1997 1.8i Type R (JDM 96-spec)


Direct Fit OE Replacement for a Wide Range of Applications

Dragon Fire Performance ignition distributors meet the highest quality standards and provide stable output even under extreme operating conditions. Featuring exact fit design and plug and play installation for quick installations without modification. Watertight, weatherproof connectors designed using advance thermoresistant plastics to prevent cracking from repeated thermal cycling. Tested and ensured for reliable spark energy. Anti-heat coating for optimal heat management and protection from heat soak. Performance grade internal coil to ensure peak performance under load and extended service life.

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