ALP Turbo Blanket T3

  • High temperature turbo blanket (950°C resistance)
  • Suitable for T3 sized turbos
  • Thermal insulation in titanium finish fiberglass
  • Lower engine bay temperatures
  • Improves turbo performance
  • Supplied with required hardware



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This method of thermal protection, commonly known as a turbo blanket, is installed directly onto the exhaust housing of your turbo and provides very effective insulation. It is sized for most common T3 turbos.

Thermal insulation has 2 major advantages :

  • A cooler engine bay, due to the drop in ambient heat, giving reduced intake temperatures
  • Improved turbo performance due to the retention of heat within the exhaust housing

The thermal blanket is capable of withstanding up to 950°C and is supplied with necessary mounting hardware. To maximise turbo performance, we recommend adding heat wrap to the manifold and elbow/downpipe to maximise performance.

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