Action Clutch Twin Disc koppelingskit R33

  • Twin disc
  • Gewicht 6.35Kg / 14lbs
  • Geschikt voor 1200pk / 1080Nm
  • Inc aangepast druklager


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Toepasbaar opSkyline 1993-1998 2.5L RB25DET (R33)


Action Clutch 7.25in racing clutches are designed for racing applications that put down serious power ratings. They feature two discs that are a mix of ceramic and metallic formulated materials. Our discs provide a higher heat capacity through their increased mass. The great thing about these discs is the engagement characteristics- They offer a smoother engagement than any other disc in the market. The features of this racing unit is recommended for the following applications:

  • Road racing
  • Drag racing
  • Hill climb
  • Off-road
  • Club racing
  • Circuit racing
  • Pullying



Chrome vanadium diaphragm springs which helps resist abrasion, oxidation, and corrosion.
High-strength steel pressure and floater plates.
.250in thick discs which provides excellent wear resistance and performs well in elevated temperatures.
Has one piece design to provide lower operating temperatures, higher strength and minimized deflection when quick shifting.
Hardened steel buttons which provide a smooth and durable surface for pressure and floater plates
100% dynamically spin balanced.
Individually inspected for proper release, assembly and balance.

This clutch kit comes with following:

  • Aluminum Hat
  • 2 Floater Plates
  • 2 Race Discs
  • 7.25 Flywheel Included
  • Modified Bearing
  • Pilot Bearing or Bushing (if applicable)
  • Alignment Tool

*Please make sure to use a clutch pedal stop

  • Proudly Made In The USA.

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