Action Clutch Stage 3 koppelingskit MX5 1.8

  • Single disc
  • Inc druklager, drukgroep en plaat
  • Houdt tot 170% meer koppel tegenover origineel.

Meer informatie

Toepasbaar op2 deurs cabrio 1989-1997 (NA) 1.8, 2 deurs cabrio 1998-2005 (NB) 1.8


Street Applications / Medium Track use
Single diaphragm Ceramic Clutch System.

PEDAL FEEL: Light / Medium with Aggressive Engagement

  • Single diaphragm heavy-duty pressure plate with reinforced drive straps for durability
  • MIBA Ceramic clutch disc engineered for low/mild horsepower vehicles.
  • Good for heavy-duty street use and frequent drag/road/drift racing.
  • Available with 6-puck and 4-puck discs.

*Clutch chatter is normal on these types of clutch kits, increased gear rattle

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